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Kara Goldin - Curiosity And Courage

Episode Summary

Kara Goldin, Founder and CEO of Hint Water, considers herself an accidental entrepreneur. "This was the first time I had been an entrepreneur. Some people go and work for entrepreneurs thinking that they're going to become one. That wasn't me at all." She shares her incredible journey of how she pushed through the naysayers, health scares, and family obligations to build a multi-million dollar company that keeps pushing the boundaries and educating consumers about the reality of the health industry.

Episode Notes

Kara Goldin started her career at Time Magazine and was quickly recruited by CNN for advertising sales. She then took a role at a small startup company called 2Market, where she was worried that she wouldn't contribute because she knew nothing about tech. 

But, Kara showed up every day, learning and growing, and when AOL acquired the company, she became the youngest Vice President and one of the few female leaders on the team.  She managed a team of around two hundred people for years until she realized that she was missing out on her children's lives. 

"I have three kids back in San Francisco under the age of four. I cannot rewind their life. And I thought I'm hopping off this train," Kara told Chris.  It was not an easy transition, and she was met with many naysayers, telling her she was making a mistake.  Nevertheless, she persisted in her decision to be with her family and take a break. 

At the same time, Kara began with health issues. This was the catalyst that would change her life trajectory forever. 

Unbeknown to Kara, she was on her way to becoming one of the most well-recognized female entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry today.  

Hint Water was born out of Kara's curiosity to find answers. Answers about her health issues and why "diet" drinks were deceiving consumers into believing they were healthy when they were, in fact, detrimental. 

"I mean, it was crazy because again, I think the challenge that people have is there are healthy perceptions versus healthy reality. And here I am, a smart person, a successful person, and I was fooled, right. It is really, really tricky."

Kara spent the next several years taking one step forward, two steps back, trying to bring Hint Water to the world. She eventually got her first break with Google and then Whole Foods. 

"Talking about superpower. I think my curiosity has always been probably one of the biggest superpowers that I have."

Kara has grown her water company into selling face and body products that are chemical-free. She also wrote Undaunted to share her life's journey to encourage other entrepreneurs to keep being curious and never lose faith. 

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